Thursday, July 5, 2007

Writer's Cafe

I've decided to switch over to Writer's Cafe from Fictionpress since Writer's Cafe seems to have a lot more to offer. I even had a account for a while but man that place is just messy and hard to navigate.

Plus, Writer's Cafe doesn't have that insanely annoying and startling banner ad where someone suddenly yells out at you "CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE BEEN SELECTED TO RECEIVE..." EVERY freaking time you load a Fictionpress page.

I've hit a snag though in that when I post a story there it gets truncated for some reason that I have yet to puzzle out. Anyways, Writer's Cafe is kind of like myspace for writers I guess (a little too much like myspace? LOTS of avatars...) Some of the page layouts remind me of some of the trainwrecks I've seen on myspace, but not all. It's also a tad on the slow side when loading a new page.

The link to my page there is here. Hopefully I'll sort out this truncating hassle soon.

Why is it possibly too much like myspace? Other than the layouts their Story Tag Cloud's largest words are:

Death (3rd largest)
Fantasy (2nd largest
Love (the biggest tag)

UPDATE: Okay I figured out the truncating problem. Turns out as some old text documents are converted from one old app to the newest for some reason some null returns are dropped in seemingly at random. Once they're taken out everything is fine.

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