Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pre-Nano Plans

My plan for this Nano is to re-read the 10,000 or so words I managed to get to last time, let it stew in my noggin for a while and read a lot. To me reading is the best way to stay motivated and inspired with writing fiction so other than "A Rebours" I'm going to keep Stephen King's "On Writing" at hand and "Self Editing for Fiction Writers" because these two books really get me in the mood to write almost as much as reading a good thick novel.

Of course "Strunk & White" and "The Transitive Vampire" are nearby as well.

Before jumping back into the big novel, I think I may try and finish up a short story I've been working on for well, an embarrassingly long time now, called "Broken" which has some fun ideas to explore. I think I have several paragraphs written so far so I've got to just dig it out and re-read it. is a lifesaver...that is until Leopard is released.

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