Thursday, July 5, 2007


So this is where I'm going to document my NanoWrimo attempt this year. Last year it was thwarted due to an injury so this year I'm going to wait until about the same time I had to stop last year and pick up again on the same novel. I think that's fair.

The good thing is that I still haven't given any aforethought to the novel so it will still be completely off the top of my head.

The idea behind this novel is that none of it is thought up, outlined or premeditated in any form before words hit the page. And, I don't plan on doing any rewrites at all unless somehow it turns out amazing which it won't.

It's called "Sense of Motion" and the previous daily blog of it's progress is still here.

I've started reading A Rebours for no other reason than I've always wanted to and finally have time and the mood to do so.

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