Thursday, July 12, 2007

Romance Writers Competition

I have no real personal interest in writing romance stories unless by romance I mean hot giant-robot on giant-robot action and building sized mutant rats all against one human with an alien ray gun of which he lost the manual to 200 years prior while escaping an exploding planet with only a chip of the recorded memories of his lost girlfriend. Oh, and that chip is encrypted by some lost alien race. Around then is when the nano-clowns show up.

But...if you ARE interested in writing romance novels and aren't too busy with your 70 days romance novel, check out the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition.

Here’s How It Works: From August 1 through August 22, aspiring romance writers will have the opportunity to submit a full-length romantic fiction manuscript for consideration. Over the course of the competition, authors will post chapter one of their manuscripts in the First Chapters Romance Group. These chapters will be rated by the Gather community and the Gather Editorial Team, and five finalists will be selected through two rounds of voting. (See our new voting guidelines.) One Grand Prize Winner will then be chosen for publication by a panel of judges.

So yeah. There's that. Oh, what do you win?

This unique opportunity will enable one talented Gather member to win a guaranteed publishing contract, along with a $5000 cash advance!

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