Thursday, July 12, 2007

Absurd Plots.

As a writing exercise I like to try and come up with the most absurd plots I can think of. Usually they end up being funny but not always. Thinking about the previous post...

A trio of robotic alien clowns are lost in space in a damaged spaceship. Their home world was lost in an unfortunate full-scale Dyson Sphere experiment and they barely escaped the planet's destruction by stealing a damaged ship low on fuel, that was being towed away after a crash outside their circus tent.

Mulgador, the lead robot alien clown, has his dead wife's memories encrypted on an old bio-chip, (the gov't backup in case something like this would happen) made before she married the clown, and needs to get it decrypted because as the former president of their galaxy she was the only one left who knew The Secret. And who controls that knowledge will rule the known universe.

That's when the notice a big metal crate in the cargo hold marked "Never Open."

So then...

If you get blocked or loose inspiration try making up an absurd plot or imagine a really horrible description for a novel that you would read on the inner sleeve or rear cover. Sometimes that's enough to get your creativity flowing again. It's a lot like the random association method of overcoming a creative block but I'll post about that later.

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