Saturday, July 7, 2007

Harry Potter Is Getting Out Of Hand

This is just getting ridiculous. If you're a bookstore you have to sign a huge agreement regarding secrecy and security about the 7th Harry Potter book. It gets worse:

Some of the more extreme clauses in the document, a copy of which The Sun-Herald has obtained, include that the cartons not be opened under any circumstances, nor can the boxes themselves be photographed or filmed before the on-sale date and time.

When you can't even photograph the boxes that contain the books is when this whole thing has simply gone from amusing to embarrassing. It's a book. All will be revealed in time.

I wonder how that works in the USA however, because if you can see it from pubic property, you can photograph it. That's the law. Maybe that explains this photograph.

Either way...

The boxes cannot be visible to the public until 30 minutes before sale time. In terms of promotions, some of the more bizarre rules include requiring written consent from Rowling's literary agent in order to read aloud from the book.

Quizzes, riddles and crosswords are strictly banned.

is just bonkers. Read the entire article. It's insane. Don't forget that a guy is still in jail right now because he tried to sell a copy of the 6th book a month before it's release. Right now, he's still in jail...for trying to sell a Harry Potter book.

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