Sunday, October 7, 2007


Shelfari makes it easy to see what your friends are reading, what others with similar tastes have enjoyed, and even get and give book recommendations.

And it's free.

It's a lot like's method which I use on this blog. I'm not sure which is better than the other, try both and see :)


Dschauffer said...

Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog. I am a Shelfari user too! I have seen both blogs and I prefer Shelfari's. It's way better looking and easier to set up.

Walker Ferox said...

When I get time I'm going to test Shelfari out and see for myself ;) I'm hearing lots of good things though about it!

Anonymous said...

I have one on my facebook... dunno how it trasnfers out to the non-facbeook world!

Anonymous said...

I have a proper shelfari now!

hope to see you there!