Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Novel In Weeks, Six Weeks

Just about anyone can write a "light-hearted" novel in 6 weeks, probably less really given the popularity of NanoWrimo or a novel in a weekend or a Novel A Day contests. (Btw, nothing against them, I'm going to do Nano again this year.)

But when you're hired to write a novel in an incredibly popular series, one that is literally a household name, it seems to me that you should spend as much time as you think you need to hammer out something worthy of the brand you're keeping alive. Maybe this guy did, I dunno, I have not read his novel yet.

The deal is that:

Author Sebastian Faulks has revealed that he completed the new James Bond novel, ‘Devil May Care’ in just six weeks.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. I know a writer who clackity-clacks their way though 10,000 words in a day then doesn't touch their keyboard for days, and I know another who is lucky to get maybe 200 words a day every other week. Writing isn't about speed, it's about telling a good story. If this guy can do it -and do the brand justice- in six weeks more power to him I say. But that's something I, personally, wouldn't brag about unless it was for something like Nanowrimo.

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