Sunday, August 12, 2007

ThumbThings For Free

A company a while ago was selling something they creatively called a ThumbThing (their website seems down as I post this). Which was a .000001¢ piece of plastic that you put on your thumb while you read a book which held it open for you freeing up your other hand for whatever you need it for while reading.

I was pretty astonished to see these things being sold for $2 or so in bookstores. There had to be something you could use that was readily available that did the same thing and wouldn't set you back $2 if you lost or broke it.

Yes, that's the cap to a drink bottle I had on my desk.

Why is a bottle cap better?
- Doesn't cause even more plastic to end up in our landfills.
- Flatter surface doesn't score a line into the pages of your book.
- Won't cost you a thing usually so you won't be bummed if you loose it.
- Convenient storage place at the top of your drink.

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