Friday, August 31, 2007

Backing Up Your Writing To Gmail

I love Gmail. LOVE IT. I've been using gmail since the very early days of it's inception because a good friend of mine invited me. Since Gmail is no longer invitation only and it lets you keep over 2 GBs of mail you can use it as a handy backup place for small files. I think the current upload limit per-email is 20MBs.

What I did is create a gmail account solely for the purpose of archiving some of my writing and small files like photos and such. The great thing is that most word processing documents are tiny so I .zip them and email them to my archive account and I have access to them from just about anywhere there is a computer. And they sit there, safe and sound until I need them. It's become a habit now to email documents and small files to this account so I know I'll have them when I need them. It's like a manually operated that only needs a web browser.

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