Monday, July 30, 2007

Writing a Novel on a Cell Phone

Robert Bernocco, an IT professional took advantage of his travel time by writing a 384-page science fiction novel, Compagni di Viaggo (Fellow Travelers), on his Nokia using the phone's T9 typing system.

I love the idea behind this. Writing a novel in spare moments here and there is something I think more people could do if they thought seriously about it. The concept isn't new, it was used as a plot device in Kurt Vonnegut's novel Hocus Pocus. I guess the danger is in it turing out more like a blog than narrative fiction. Plus I STILL can't type efficiently on my cell phone...

But for some writers that's the trick; writing a little every day. I know people who write great swaths of text every day and others who struggle to bang out a few sentances...but they write every day. It has to do with how you not only manage your time but how you view your tools.

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