Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Detective Sheep Novels

Her novel, just released in the United States, is a detective story with a twist. Shepherd George Glenn is discovered murdered in a sheep pasture, with a spade in his chest, but the humans are helpless so some talking sheep come into play to solve the crime.

Not only is the idea not what you expected but the author is already working on a sequel and a film is already in the works. Full story here.

The amazon link is here.

What's interesting to me is that the novel is largely told from the sheep's perspective. It's not hard to be reminded of Animal Farm or myriad other stories about animals like Charlotte's Web but that humans are observed by the animals is something I'd like to see more of.

Here's the description of Three Bags Full:

In this refreshingly original detective story from debut German author Swann, a flock of sheep investigates the murder of their beloved shepherd, George Glenn. Leading the effort is Miss Maple, considered the cleverest sheep in the Irish seaside village of Glennkill. She slyly "pretends" to graze while eavesdropping on suspects who come to search George's caravan for something he may have died for. When a long-lost ram recounts an incident that occurred upon his departure years earlier, Miss Maple uncovers the catalyst for George's death. The wooly troupe reveals the crime's solution in a near-Shakespearean mime at the annual "Smartest Sheep in Glennkill" contest. The author's sheep's-eye view and the animals' literal translation of the strange words and deeds of the human species not only create laugh-out-loud humor but also allow the animals occasional flashes of accidental brilliance.

I'm also reminded of Jean George's Frightful's Mountain wish is told from the perspective of a falcon.

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